About College Park Church of God

Welcome to College Park Church of God. This congregation is part of the family of God. Here in this “family atmosphere” are persons who love the Lord and one another. This is “home” for many persons who are in God’s family and together experience God’s wonderful hospitality, love and fellowship.

The family of God here and the pastoral staff warmly invite you to be a part of this unique fellowship. In fact, we reach our hands in fellowship to all who have become a part of His larger family, the church. We believe that you will be “at home” in this household of faith.

This congregation began in 1971 in Ocala. While we are non-denominational in theology and practice, we are not an “independent” church. This congregation is vitally connected with 2,300 other congregations whose general offices are in Anderson, Indiana. Through this affiliation, the work of God in missions, higher education, and sharing the gospel is a reality on every continent of God’s world.

With roots in the Wesleyan tradition, this family proclaims the word of God as God’s word to us today. Through the Scriptures and discernment of God’s will in prayer, we are attempting to be a family of Christians who make a positive difference in the world.

When we say “welcome home,” we sincerely believe you will find this place to be home. The family is small enough to share in your Christian journey and large enough to offer several ministries for your involvement and growth. Our prayer is that you will feel at home and find your place in the family of God here.